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hallenger Communications is equipped with the technical know-how, staff and logistical connections to service and install the products we make… and even ones we don’t. That’s right! Challenger Communications can service antenna systems manufactured by Patriot, Prodelin, DH, General Dynamics, CPI, Scientific Atlanta & more!

By combining our universal part applications and full service machine shop we can upgrade and maintain virtually any satellite dish antenna system. If you do not have the manpower or machines to manufacture the piece you need, or can’t find the part or quick service from a competitor, please contact us with your requirements.

Please give us the opportunity to quote your needs. We gladly welcome RFQ’s and IFB’s.

Our support & installation services & capabilities include:

  • Retrofit/motorize/upgrade existing type or size antennas & mounts
  • Factory replacement parts for legacy Patriot Antenna Systems & products
  • Anti-ice systems for new & existing antennas no matter the brand
  • Building Custom Feeds – If your scope is unusual – call us!
  • Machine prototype and custom feeds per your design
  • Service and install antenna and mounting replacement parts

If it is Made of Metal, We Can Make it!

Challenger has an unsurpassed reputation when it comes to quality & performance

Our world-class antenna systems and mounts are all made in the USA

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