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Manufacturer of World-Class Antenna Systems



hallenger Communications is a leading manufacturer of world-class antenna systems and mounts. We have the capability to build antennas ranging from 1.0-meter quick-deploy models, to 12-meter earth stations. We also design and manufacture trailers for systems that require mobility.

Our company is located in Albion, Michigan, USA, and was formed by Gene Sorgi in January 2011. Challenger antennas and mounts are also made in the USA, as we do the manufacturing ourselves. We are proud to serve our customers with over 50 combined years of manufacturing experience.

Challenger Communications is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.

It’s not just one thing that make us “the best,” it’s many different facets that come together. We have a friendly staff, great customer service, easy product assembly, cost effective shipping, we are diversified, and we offer high-quality products. Put that all together, and you get Challenger Communications. We are committed to exceeding customer expectations.


1. Challenger Helps you be Competitive

We offer competitive pricing and modular design – this means that parts are easily exchangeable if a component gets damaged.

2. Challenger is Experienced

Our founder, Gene Sorgi, is the former Patriot Antenna Systems Vice President and Director of Manufacturing. Due to this, Challenger provides support and replacement parts for the Patriot Antenna Systems line of antennas and feeds.

Challenger Communications Patriot Antenna Systems
3. Challenger is Responsive

When you need a quote, or are ready to place an order, you can count on our excellent response time. And, you won’t be waiting long to receive your order, as our most popular antennas are in stock and ready to ship. We are committed to meeting or exceeding deadlines on custom projects.

4. Challenger is Seasoned

Manufacturing satellite antennas since the “free-to-air” days, founder Gene Sorgi has manufactured and assembled 12-meter antennas around the world for customers such as NASA, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), and The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO).

5. Challenger's Products are Durable

Challenger Communications products offer supreme longevity. Our antennas and mounts hold up in the long-term due to the quality material – aluminum – of which they are made. Many of our competitors use plastic and/or fiberglass, but our aluminum equipment can hold up even in extreme weather.

Challenger has an unsurpassed reputation when it comes to quality & performance

Our world-class antenna systems and mounts are all made in the USA

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